vhbw Pentalobe TS4 Screwdriver, Opening Tool for Apple MacBook Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet Computer - Heavy Dut

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Precision-fit pentalobe TS4 screwdriver for your Apple devices
  • Heavy duty, practical & manufactured with precision for a secure hold on the screws
  • Fast, cost-effective and simple DIY
  • Suitable for modern screw drive types
  • All compatibilities & technical details can be found below
The screw heads on modern smartphones, tablets or notebook computers are often different to the conventional slot or cross drive design. The pentalobe design withstands high torque levels and reduces camming out. Screws of this type are more durable and can be inserted or removed even quicker than standard screws.

An appropriate screwdriver is required to loosen and tighten screws of this variety. Our screwdrivers have been manufactured with precision to provide an exact fit to your pentalobe screws, ensuring a safe and simple way to remove the screws from your electronic devices.

Content of delivery:
  • 1x screwdriver
Technical details:
  • Screw drive type: Pentalobe TS4
  • Colour: gold / black
vhbw - the clever way

High-quality replacement parts and accessories to prolong the service life of your electronic devices.
Data Sheet
Colour: gold / black
Check the compatibility of your device
  • Apple MacBook Air (ab 2010)
  • Apple MacBook Pro (ab 2012)

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Es ist ein Schraubendreher - er tut, was ich von ihm will.

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