Spare Parts for Irons

Top quality replacement parts and accessories for irons from Samsung, Kärcher and many more

Ironed clothes help us to make a professional impression at work and give us a fresher, more sophisticated look in our day to day life. However, for many of us ironing is a tedious chore we would rather avoid. At Electropapa, we are committed to making ironing easier and more effective. Our range of spare parts and accessories for irons are designed to make ironing more efficient and less time-consuming, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy, while still ensuring your favourite clothes look at their best.

In our Spare Parts for Irons category, you will find a wide range of products that can help you to streamline your entire ironing routine and achieve the best possible results. Whether you are ironing thick jeans or delicate fabrics, a high-quality and properly fitting ironing board cover is essential to ensure your iron glides smoothly over the fabric, allowing you to press your laundry quickly and effectively. A worn-out or poorly fitting cover can damage your clothes and makes your ironing board an unattractive feature of your home. Our range of covers fit securely by means of a loop fastener and their simple design allows you to give your ironing companion an elegant new look. By doing no more than replacing the cover, you avoid the cost of purchasing a new board and in one simple step you have a functioning ironing board again.

No-one wants to experience the horror of realising their iron has wrinkled or melted their favourite silk dress or beautiful silk bedding. A convenient and affordable way of avoiding catastrophe is to use an ironing sole or ironing shoe, specifically designed to protect the most delicate of fabrics. Our collection of iron plate covers shield these fabrics from coming into direct contact with the heat of the iron, preventing scorching and melting and protecting fine decoration such as lace hems or embroidery from damage. They also provide general protection for your clothes against shine and sticking. Thanks to the non-stick coating, our iron shoes are easy to attach and remove and their clever design incorporating multiple fine holes means you can still use the steam function of your iron. Our textile shoe attachment is available in various sizes, meaning you are sure to find a matching cover for your household iron.

In order to keep your iron ready for use at all times, it is of course essential to own a high-quality, functioning cable for your iron so it is always provided with a reliable source of power. Our collection of iron spare parts includes a precision-fit design cable which gives you extra flexibility while you iron thanks to its long length. If your current cable is defective or inconveniently short our replacement iron cable is the ideal choice. Why spend money on an iron replacement when you can simply exchange your iron mains cable instead?

Last but not least, it can only add to the satisfaction of pressing the creases out of your clothes if are able to put your iron away safely and tidily at the end of each ironing session. Our heat-resistant holders for irons allow you to store your iron immediately after use instead of waiting for it to cool down. The space-saving holder can be mounted on a wall or inside a cupboard and features two hooks for wrapping the cable around. This enables you to keep your cleaning cupboard or utility room in order and helps extend the service-life of your iron by protecting it from getting damaged.

Ironing can feel like a monotonous activity but it can in fact help to make your clothes last longer by helping to preserve their shape. By spending time in closer contact with your garments, you are also more likely to pay attention to loose stitching or other minor damage and tend to it sooner. Here at Electropapa, our goal is to help make your ironing experience more convenient and rewarding by offering you spare parts and accessories of the highest quality. Whether you own a Kärcher iron, a Grundig iron or another popular brand of iron, you are sure to find the ideal product to help streamline your ironing and save valuable time.