Charger for Power Tools 

Chargers for reliable charging of electric power tools & garden equipment, compatible with devices from Metabo, AEG, Hilti and more.


In the world of Cordless Power Tools, using a high-quality charger is essential when it comes to maximising the performance of your tools. Low-quality chargers can result in inadequate or extremely slow charging of the batteries. This means the batteries are either unable to operate at full capacity or your projects are uninterrupted for longer periods of time. Here at Electropapa, we offer a diverse range of chargers specifically designed for battery-powered Ryobi tools and other popular brands such as Dewalt, Work and more. With our exceptional quality chargers you can charge the batteries of your cordless tools quickly and reliably.

Garden maintenance has never been more convenient since the development of cordless outdoor tools. From lawn mowers and chainsaws to leaf blowers and hedge trimmers, it is now possible to care for your whole garden using tools which are powered by rechargeable batteries. No more tripping over cables or searching for extension cables to reach the end of your garden, cordless equipment gives you the flexibility to get your gardening jobs done no matter how far away you are from a power socket. With the aid of Worx garden tools, Hilti garden tools and Dewalt garden tools to name just a few, you can maintain anything from a small inner-city coartyard to an orchard or private estate.

Whichever brand power tools you own, be it Worx tools, Hilti tools or Dewalt tools, it is essential that you charge the batteries correctly, using a high-quality, compatible charger. Before purchasing a charger, you should check the technology, voltage and current output of your power tool batteries. If you are uncertain or have any questions you can contact our expert customer support team who will be very happy to assist you. It is always helpful if you provide the specifications of your batteries and current charger or send photos. The more information you provide, the quicker and easier it will be for our support team to help you.

Do you need a replacement for your defective Hilti charger, damaged Worx charger or lost Dewalt charger? Or perhaps you think an additional charger would come in handy for charging your various power tools? Whatever applies to you, you are sure to find the right charger here. We supply a wide selection of charger units with different voltages and currents, all of which ensure safe and efficient charging. Not only this, we offer affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Our many years of experience in the field of compatible spare parts and accessories make us a trusted retailer for chargers and other accessories for outdoor power tools. Our chargers are specifically designed to meet the requirements of different makes and models. Each of our power tool chargers is equipped with protection against overheating, overcharging and short-circuiting and ensures particularly safe charging. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient chargers to ensure that cordless power tools and garden tools are always ready to go when you need them.