Batteries for Mobility Products

Here you will find high-quality batteries for electric mobility, such as a matching e-bike battery, GPS bike computer battery and much more.



Are you looking for suitable batteries for your electric mobility devices, such as an e-bike battery, bike light battery, GPS bike computer battery or e-scooter battery? Discover our extensive selection of high-quality e-bike batteries, bike lighting batteries, GPS navigation batteries and much more at Electropapa! We offer batteries for brands such as Adore, Ampere, Aventon, Bosch, Carrera, Chrisson, Dawes, Dehawk, Ecobike, Emina, Evelo, Evobike, Fafrees, Fischer, Fitifito, Gazelle, Impulse, Jolt, Llobe, Magellan, Nakamura, NCM, Onya, Oyama, Promovec, Powabyke, Proxy Cycle, Quietkat, Reention, Rilu, Scimitar, Scrapper, Seago, Stricker, Txed, Urbanbiker, E-Joe and many more. Give your electric mobility devices the power they need for a long and reliable service-life with our high-quality batteries.