USB Data Cable replaces Casio EMC-5U for Pentax Camera etc. - 150 cm

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Proven compatibility
Reliable USB data cable for your camera
  • Reliable transmission of photos and videos
  • Full functionality and compatibility with your e.g. Pentax camera
  • Provides connection between digital camera and PC
  • Replaces Pentax I-USB 7, I-USB7 / Casio EMC-5U / Olympus CB-USB7 / Nikon UC-E6 / Panasonic K1HA08AD0001, K1HA08AD0003, K1HA08CD0001, K1HA08CD0003, K1HA08CD0004, K1HA08CD0007, K1HA08CD0009, K1HA08CD0013, K1HA08CD0015, K1HA08CD0019, K1HA08CD0024, K1HY08CD0001, K1HY08YY0015, K1HY08YY0017, K1HY08YY0019, K1HY08YY0020, K1HY14YY0008, VFA0544, DMW-USBC1, K1HA08AD0002, K1HY08YY0023, K1HY08YY0025, K1HY08YY0030, K1HY08YY0031, K1HY08YY0032, K1HY08YY0033, K1HY08YY0034 / Samsung AD81-00735A, EA-CB08U12

If you're looking for a compatible and cost-effective USB cable, you're in the right place.

With this practical USB connection cable you can quickly and safely transfer photos and videos from your camera to your computer. Thanks to its precision-fit manufacture, the cable stays firmly connected to your camera and your computer's USB port.

Data Sheet
Colour: black
Connectors: 1x USB plug, 1x device-specific
Content of delivery:
  • 1x USB data cable
Compatible with the following devices
  • Casio EMC-5U
  • Nikon UC-E6
  • Olympus CB-USB7
  • Panasonic DMW-USBC1
  • Panasonic K1HA08AD0001
  • Panasonic K1HA08AD0002
  • Panasonic K1HA08AD0003
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0001
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0003
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0004
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0007
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0009
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0013
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0015
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0019
  • Panasonic K1HA08CD0024
  • Panasonic K1HY08CD0001
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0015
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0017
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0019
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0020
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0023
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0025
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0030
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0031
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0032
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0033
  • Panasonic K1HY08YY0034
  • Panasonic K1HY14YY0008
  • Panasonic VFA0544
  • Pentax I-USB7
  • Pentax I-USB 7
  • Samsung AD81-00735A
  • Samsung EA-CB08U12

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