Universal ND Filter ND 4 suitable for Camera Lenses with 37 mm Filter Thread - Grey Filter

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High-quality neutral density filter ND4 for the lens of your camera
  • Well-constructed for stunning photo effects
  • Full functionality and compatibility with your camera lens with 37 mm filter thread

If you're looking for a compatible and cost-effective ND filter, you're in the right place.

The neutral density (ND) filter is a valuable tool for photographers, especially in bright light. With the ND filter you can enhance your photographic skills and create unique images with breathtaking effects. Whether you want to capture stunning landscapes, architectural masterpieces or dynamic movement, the ND filter helps you bring your vision to life and capture challenging shots that require precise exposure.

A significant advantage of this photo filter is that it reduces the amount of incident light. This allows you to work with an open aperture without overexposing the shot. Especially in situations with a lot of ambient light, for example on a sunny day or in a brightly lit environment, using the ND filter is highly practical as it allows you to extend the exposure time and achieve creative effects, such as blurring water or painting light trails in the night.

Another advantage of the ND filter is the minimisation of reflections on the filter surface. This reduces stray light and ghost images that are normally caused by internal reflections between the lens elements and the camera. By reducing these reflections, you get better image quality with sharp contrast and balanced colours. Your images will be clearer and more detailed, without distracting artefacts.

Data Sheet
Brand: vhbw
Material: aluminium / glass
Colour: black
Length: 39 mm
Filter diameter: 37 mm
Diameter: 37 mm
Installation: screw thread
Filter factor: ND 4
Special features: Reduces by 2 exposure values (f-stops)
Optical density: 0,6
Content of delivery:
  • 1x neutral density filter

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