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Step-Up Ring Adapter of 72 mm to 77 mm for matte box 80 mm O.D. - Filter Adapter

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Article number 888300772
Practical 72 - 77 mm step-up ring adapter for your matte box
  • Well-constructed for convenient attachment
  • Full functionality and compatibility with your matte box
  • Sturdy and made from light-weight materials

If you're looking for a compatible and cost-effective filter adapter, you're in the right place.

Our adapter is the perfect solution, for mounting matte boxes with an outer diameter of 80 mm on your camera. The matte box acts as a shield for your lens and prevents unwanted light reflections, glare and lens flares that could interfere with your shots.

Thanks to the robust manufacturing of the adapter, the matte box sits firmly on your camera and remains securely in place even if you move or shake it during shooting. So you can concentrate on taking photographs without worrying about possible damage.

Enhance your equipment and realise the full potential of your camera with our adapter and a matching matte box. You'll be able to shoot professionally and realise your creative ideas.

Data Sheet
Material: aluminium
Colour: matt black
Lens diameter: 72 mm
Filter diameter: 77 m
Installation: screw thread
Height: 12 mm
External diameter hose/filter: 80 mm
Content of delivery: 1x step-up ring adapter
Compatible with the following devices

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Share your experiences with other customers.

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