CPU / GPU Fan replaces Asus KSB06105HB for Asus Notebook 77 x 76 x 14 mm

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Proven compatibility
Reliable CPU / GPU fan for your laptop or notebook
  • Well-constructed for simple exchange
  • Full functionality and compatibility with your Asus notebook, laptop
  • Robust, hard-wearing materials
  • Replaces Asus KSB06105HB

If you're looking for a compatible and cost-effective fan, you're in the right place.

Our high-quality fan provides effective heat dissipation, keeping your CPU and GPU cool even under the most demanding conditions.

With our specially designed CPU / GPU fans, you can optimise the performance of your notebook while ensuring reliable cooling. Whether you're running intense gaming sessions, compute-intensive tasks or creative applications, our fans provide reliable cooling to prevent overheating and performance degradation.

Our fans are characterised by a high airflow capacity and efficient operation. They have powerful motors and specially designed fan blades that ensure optimal air circulation. This efficiently dissipates heat away from your notebook's hottest components to ensure a stable and consistent performance.

We also place great emphasis on durability and noise reduction. Our fans are designed to operate quietly and last a long time, so you can rely on consistently powerful cooling without having to endure annoying noise.

The installation of our CPU / GPU fans is simple and straightforward thanks to the standardised 4 pin connector and no soldering is necessary.

Invest in a high-quality CPU / GPU fan for your notebook and benefit from improved system cooling, optimised performance and a longer service-life for your device. Say goodbye to overheating problems and experience quiet and efficient work, whether you are gaming, video editing or carrying out other demanding tasks.

Data Sheet
Content of delivery:
  • 1x fan
Compatible with the following devices
  • Asus A52
  • Asus A52F
  • Asus G73
  • Asus G73J
  • Asus G73JH
  • Asus G73JW
  • Asus G73S
  • Asus G73SW
  • Asus K52
  • Asus K52J
  • Asus K72
  • Asus K72DR
  • Asus N61
  • Asus N61JV
  • Asus N61V
  • Asus N61VG
  • Asus N61VN
  • Asus N61w
  • Asus P52F
  • Asus P52JC
  • Asus X52j
  • Asus X72dr
  • Asus KSB06105HB

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