Charger suitable for Aldi Li-Ion E-Bike Battery etc. - For 36 V Batteries, With XLR Connector, 2.0 A

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Compatible charger for your 36 V e-bike battery
  • Safe, continuous charging - 2.0 A
  • Full functionality and compatibility with your Aldi Ebike battery etc.
  • Optimises the battery lifespan
Long-lasting charging cable for your e-bike battery

If you're looking for a compatible and cost-effective charger, you're in the right place. It ensures that your e-bike is charged quickly and reliably. So you're always ready for your next ride.

This power cable is equipped with powerful technology, which charges your e-bike battery in the shortest possible time. This shortens the charging time and extends your cycling distance. Our e-bike charger has been designed for long-term use and has an impressively robust, durable construction.

In addition, this replacement charger is easy to use. Simply plug it into the socket and connect it to your e-bike battery. With its slim and compact design, this e-bike power supply is easy to transport.

So order today and make sure your e-bike is always ready for action.

Data Sheet
Colour: black
Technology: Li-Ion - no memory effect
Connectors: 1x XLR male plug (3 pins)
Operating frequency: 50-60 Hz
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Input voltage: 100-240 V
Mains adapter input: 100-240 V
Output DC: 42 V / 2.0 A
Power: 84 W
Cable length to battery/device: 85 cm
Cable length to plug: 150 cm
Content of delivery:
  • 1x charger
Compatible with the following devices

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