Why is my battery draining so fast?

Why is my battery draining so fast?


phone battery draining quickly is inconvenient, but it can be unrealistic to plug your phone in every few hours during a stressful workday. Worst case scenario, you can no longer even rely on the battery indicator due to the cell phone battery suddenly draining empty.

Especially in the summer, many users notice that their smartphone overheats, which can also damage the battery.

Often users ask themselves the question - "Why does my battery go flat so quickly?". If the battery is draining quickly, there can be several causes. The good news is that you can fix most of these problems yourself.


Now what are the most common causes of poor battery performance?


  • Display: If you've ever looked through your smartphone's battery settings, you'll know that the display consumes most of the battery power. So turn down your display brightness, especially if you want to save battery

  • Apps: Certain apps cause the battery to drain quickly, for example because they continue to run in the background or check for updates. Cell phone gets hot and battery quickly empty? - this speaks for a bad app.

  • Age: Of course, it may also be that the battery of your smartphone is already at the end of its lifespan. In this case, a replacement battery can solve the problem quickly and easily.

Why does my phone get hot?


Even in summer, many smartphone owners wonder "Why does my phone get hot?". If the cell phone overheats, this can be for several reasons. If you are out and about in the summer, you should make sure not to leave your smartphone in the blazing sun or inside a car due to temperatures quickly rising to extreme levels. On particularly hot days, it is even advisable to switch off your cell phone to protect it from overheating.

Perhaps you've noticed this before - the cell phone gets hot when charging. So what's the reason? A little heat development during the charging process is absolutely normal, but if the back of the smartphone is really hot, you should pay attention as this might be due to th battery being defective. In this case you can remedy the situation with a replacement battery from Electropapa.


If the cell phone overheats, this can also be for a few simple reasons. For example, a thick protective cover can be to blame for heat accumulation. Ignored updates and the resulting poor performance can also cause heat buildup. To keep your smartphone cool, you should completely close all apps whenever you have finished using them. It is also better to turn off WLAN and GPS when possible, since these programs can generate a lot of heat in the background.

Overheating of the phone should be taken seriously, as this can permanently damage your smartphone. Even with a seemingly small temperature increase of 10 degrees, the electrochemical processes inside your smartphone already run twice as fast, and gases can form. Sometimes you can even see this with the naked eye because the battery swells. But even if this doesn't occur, the cell phone battery ages faster due to the heat, meaning its lifespan reduces.

The processor also suffers from heat and can even break as a result. Most newer smartphones recognize excessive heat development, however, and switch off the phone in time before damage occurs. Especially with older devices, however, you should be careful, because they usually do not have such protective mechanisms.


Mobile phone battery suddenly empty


If you have started asking yourself "Why is my battery draining fast?", the answer may be that you have a poor cellular connection. When you are in an area with many dead spots, your smartphone constantly tries to establish a connection which uses up a lot of energy. So if you're traveling by train, for example, and already know that reception is very poor on this route, it's smart to switch your phone directly to flight mode to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the battery.


The phone gets hot and the battery starts draining fast - in this case, the problem is largely due to apps, background services or the software of the smartphone. The first approach to solving the problem here is to look for software updates. Your next step should then be to check the battery statistics. This lists the amount of battery consumed by individual apps  and when, for example as they continue to run in the background even though you thought you had closed them.

Sometimes, however, this kind of search does not lead to a result. If the cell phone battery suddenly goes flat quickly and for no likely reason, such as a complex mobile game, then in most cases this is due to a defective cell phone battery. In order for the smartphone to function normally again, the battery must be replaced.


Optimize battery consumption


Of course, your battery's potential service-life depends heavily on the type of smartphone you own. Still, you can get the most out of your smartphone's battery with certain settings and adjusted usage patterns to optimize battery consumption.

  • Why is my phone battery draining so fast?

  • How can I extend my battery lifespan?

So, to ensure your smartphone is a phone with long battery life, you should follow the tips below. First of all, you should limit which apps can run in the background. This not only saves the cell phone battery, but also prevents the cell phone from getting hot.

You can also achieve long battery service-life for smartphones with the right charging method. For this, you should attend to the following rules: Never let your battery drain completely and try to keep the charge level between 20 and 80 percent.

If your phone is already a bit older, but apart from the battery performance you are still very happy with it, it makes sense to think about a battery replacement. At Electropapa you can choose from a large selection of vhbw cell phone batteries including Samsung battery options and Xiaomi battery options. With these you can not only save money but enjoy using a phone with the same great battery performance as on the day you bought it.