3 Part Filter Set replaces Vallox 2502, 105114 forAir Purifier - coarse dust filter, fine dust filter

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Proven compatibility
Reliable filter set for your ventilation unit
  • Well-constructed for simple exchange
  • Full functionality and compatibility with your Vallox air purifier
  • High filtration performance
  • Replaces Vallox 2502, 105114

If you're looking for a compatible and cost-effective filter set, you're in the right place. That's because it's designed specifically to improve the air quality in your home and create a comfortable, healthy environment.

Our ventilation device filter ensure the efficient removal of pollutants and contaminants from indoor air, including dust, fine dust, pollen, allergens and pathogens such as bacteria and mould spores. In addition, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, chemical vapours and unwanted odours are also effectively removed from your indoor air.


  • 1x fine dust filter
    • Filters out tiny particles that are not visible to the eye
    • Filter classification: F7
    • Colour: white with black frame
    • Length: 25 cm
    • Width: 19 cm
    • Height: 4.6 cm

  • 2x coarse dust filter
    • Keep out insects, pollen and other coarse dust
    • Filter supply & exhaust air
    • Filter classification: G3
    • Dimensions (filter 1): 32.15 x 19 x 1.3 cm
    • Dimensions (filter 2): 31.4 x 26.9 x 1.3 cm
    • Material: fleece
    • Colour: white

It is advisable to change the respective filter unit regularly, depending on your frequency of use.

With our replacement filter set you can easily change your filters to ensure the high efficiency of your ventilation unit.

Data Sheet
Colour: black / white
Dimensions (L x W x H): 32.15 x 19 x 1.3 cm
Content of delivery:
  • 2x coarse dust filter
  • 1x fine dust filter
Compatible with the following devices
  • Vallox KWL 080 SC
  • Vallox KWL 080 SE
  • Vallox KWL 090 SC
  • Vallox KWL 090 SE
  • Vallox KWL 091 SC
  • Vallox KWL 80 PSL
  • Vallox KWL 80 SC
  • Vallox KWL 80 SE
  • Vallox KWL 90 K MC
  • Vallox KWL 90 K SC
  • Vallox KWL 90 MC
  • Vallox KWL 90 PSL
  • Vallox KWL 90 SC
  • Vallox KWL 90 SE
  • Vallox KWL 91
  • Vallox KWL 240 MV
  • Vallox KWL 240 SC
  • Vallox 2502
  • Vallox 105114

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