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20x Vacuum Cleaner Bag as Replacement for Swirl V62

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Article number 888302847
Durable dust bags made from high-quality paper for your vacuum cleaner
  • Precision fit for easy replacement
  • Full functionality & compatibility with your vacuum cleaner
  • Sturdy, tear-resistant materials
  • Replace Swirl V62
Long-lasting replacement bag for your vacuum cleaner

If you're looking for compatible and cost-effective filter bags, you're in the right place.
Regular replacement of the full bag is important for maintaining the suction power of your vacuum cleaner and preventing unpleasant odours.
Our high-quality spare dust bags are a comprehensive replacement for your previous bag.

The bags fit securely in your vacuum cleaner and are easy to change thanks to their precision-fit design, allowing you to do your housework efficiently and comfortably.

Data Sheet
Material: paper
Colour: brown
Length: 24.3 cm
Width: 8.7 cm
Content of delivery: 20x vacuum cleaner bag
Compatible with the following devices

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