1x HEPA filter replaces Nilfisk 107409854, Elite H14 for Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaner

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Compatible vacuum cleaner filter - Optimum suction power for your Nilfisk vacuum cleaner
  • Replacement filter made of high-quality materials for best filter performance
  • Reliable functionality and full compatibility with your vacuum cleaner
  • Manufactured with precision for simple filter exchange
  • Replaces Nilfisk 107409854, Elite H14 filter
Top-quality filter for excellent filtration and optimised air permeability

This high-performance filter with excellent filtration quality ensures optimum maintenance of your vacuum cleaner. Its precision-fit dimensions make filter exchange effortless. Changing your filter regularly will maintain efficient filtration and suction power.

Please note: Change this filter when your vacuum cleaner no longer cleans effectively (every 6 - 12 months)

Data Sheet
Material: microfleece / plastic
Colour: violet / white
Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.7 x 12 x 3 cm
Shape: rectangular
Filter type: HEPA filter
Replacement cycle: Every 6 - 12 months
Content of delivery: 1x replacement filter
Check the compatibility of your device
  • Nilfisk CDNB 5000
  • Nilfisk CDNF 4000
  • Nilfisk Elite
  • Nilfisk Elite CHCO14P10A1
  • Nilfisk Elite Classic
  • Nilfisk Elite Classic Midnight
  • Nilfisk Elite Classic Parquet
  • Nilfisk Elite Classic Pet Pack
  • Nilfisk Elite Comfort
  • Nilfisk Elite Comfort Parquet
  • Nilfisk Elite Comfort Pet Pack
  • Nilfisk Elite SICL14E08A2
  • Nilfisk Elite Superior
  • Nilfisk Select
  • Nilfisk Select CHCO14P08A1
  • Nilfisk Select Classic
  • Nilfisk Select Comfort
  • Nilfisk Select Comfort Allergy
  • Nilfisk Select Comfort Parquet
  • Nilfisk Select Superior
  • Nilfisk VP 600
  • Nilfisk 107409854
  • Nilfisk Elite H14

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