10x Vacuum Cleaner Bag replaces Kärcher 6.907-019.0 for Kärcher - microfleece

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Sturdy bags made from high-quality microfleece for your vacuum cleaner
  • Well-constructed for easy exchange
  • Full functionality and compatibility with your vacuum cleaner
  • Robust, tearproof materials
  • Replaces Kärcher 6.907-019.0
Long-lasting exchange bag for your vacuum cleaner

If you're looking for compatible and cost-effective filter bag, you're in the right place.
Regular replacement of the dust bag is essential to maintain the suction power of your vacuum cleaner and prevent a build up of unpleasant odours.
Our high-quality spare filter bags are a full replacement for your current bag.

The bags are manufactured with precision, fit perfectly in your vacuum cleaner and are easy to change, allowing you to complete your housework conveniently and efficiently.

Data Sheet
Material: microfleece
Colour: white
Weight: 1155 g
Dimensions (L x W x H): 49.8 x 22.1 x 0.02 cm
Content of delivery:
  • 10x vacuum cleaner bag
Check the compatibility of your device
  • Kärcher T 15/1
  • Kärcher T 15/1 + ESB 28 Professional
  • Kärcher T 15/1 + ESB 34
  • Kärcher T 15/1 Professional
  • Kärcher T 15/1 eco!efficiency
  • Kärcher T 15/1+ ESB 28
  • Kärcher T 17/1
  • Kärcher T 17/1 eco!efficiency
  • Kärcher 6.907-019.0

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