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Filter Adapter Ring suitable for Hasselblad B60 Camera, Digital Camera Lens

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Article number 888300903
Long-lasting filter adapter ring made from high-quality aluminium for your camera, digital camera or single-reflex camera
  • Well-constructed for simple exchange
  • Full functionality and compatibility with your Hasselblad camera
  • Hard-wearing materials for long service-life
Long-lasting Hasselblad adapter for your camera filter

If you're looking for a compatible and cost-effective adapter, you're in the right place.

Our filter adapter ring is made of high-quality materials that ensure a long service-life and high stability. It is also light-weight and compact so that it fits easily in any photography bag. You can attach the filter adapter to your camera and remove it again quickly and easily. It provides a secure and stable connection between the filter and the camera, so you don't have to worry about the filter falling off while shooting. This filter adapter is an indispensable accessory for every photographer who likes to experiment with different filters. With this filter adapter ring you can unleash your creativity and capture unique images that are guaranteed to impress.

The filter adapter ring can be used to attach filters and other accessories (e.g. UV filters, polarising filters, grey filters, close-up lenses, lens hoods or lens caps) with a 82 mm connector thread to a compatible camera. The filter and other accessories are screwed into the adapter ring.

Please note: To mount the adapter, unscrew the front cover ring on the camera, behind which you will find the connection thread for the adapter

Data Sheet
Material: aluminium
Colour: matt black
Diameter: 82 mm
Installation: bayonet lock
Content of delivery: 1x filter adapter ring
Compatible with the following devices

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Share your experiences with other customers.

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