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Carrying Case Holder Box aluminum silver holds

Carrying Case Holder Box aluminum silver holds

Carrying Case Holder Box aluminum silver holds

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This case from vhbw is ideal for storing your SIM cards.

SIM cards are becoming increasingly smaller. This makes them more practical to use, but it´s sometimes a challenge to store them safely and neatly. Our case allows you to store your SIM cards safely in your desk, or when travelling.
The case has a precisely fitting space for the SIM cards. This secures the cards, and they can be easily removed. The case is made of high-quality aluminum, closing tightly so that your cards are safe even in extreme conditions.

For frequent travellers, professional or hobby photographers and all other data collectors.

New products, original packaging - high-quality accessories from vhbw.

Content of delivery:
  • 1 x carrying case
Technical details:
  • material: aluminum
  • measurements. 93 x 60 x 10 mm
  • colour: silver
Suitable for the following SIM cards :
  • SIM cards : 2x tool to open SIM
  • SIM cards : 4x microSIM
  • SIM cards : 4x miniSIM
  • SIM cards : 4x NanoSIM

In our further offers you will also find accessories such as lens hoods, eyecups as well as filters and lenses for your camera, along with batteries, chargers, adapters or cables for your other electronic devices.


Additional Information

SKU 800117169
Condition Neu
Colour silver
Amount 1
Brand VHBW
Suitable for
  • SIM-Karten
  • SIM-Karten 2x SIM-Öffnungswerkzeug
  • SIM-Karten 4x microSIM
  • SIM-Karten 4x miniSIM
  • SIM-Karten 4x NanoSIM


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